Why Chefstoppe


All Your Recipes at One Single Place!!!

So many chefs, food bloggers, home cooks and recipe websites with tons of great recipes out there, making it very difficult to search for the right recipe. We all visit various sites for recipes looking for ideas often saving recipes and tips in emails, stacking them in folders, cookbooks, pinning them on sites etc.

At Chefstoppe we provide a next generation recipe tool where you can search and save recipes from websites and further organize and prepare them at your convenience.

So no more hunting back to the recipes again!!!

We let you store any online or offline recipes conveniently at a single place.The Tool also helps you create your very own recipe and enjoy the experience to share it with the other users.

Provides you an opportunity to preserve your unique recipes for the next generation and share it with friends and family.

Chefstoppe provides other exciting features like meal planning where you can plan daily meals as well as weekly meals and help you stay on top of things. Groceries lists are created automatically based on the recipe selection or from meal planner and even can be customized to your needs. The created grocery list can then be shared or printed, helping you buy only the required items.

All this is done with just a few clicks.

So what are you waiting for, join us and experience the Gen Next recipe tool where you can Search, Save, Organize and Prepare any of your favourite recipes all at ONE SINGLE PLACE!!!! Happy cooking!