Instant Pot Dal Makhani

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  • Prep Time
    15 mins
  • Cook Time
    45 mins
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1 cup whole black gram (whole urad dal or kaali dal), 21

1/2 cup kidney beans (rajma), 50 grams

water as required - for soaking

1.5 cups chopped tomatoes or 200 grams or 3 medium-sized to

1.5 teaspoons chopped ginger or 1.5 inches ginger, chopped

1.5 teaspoons chopped garlic or 8 to 9 small to medium garlic cl

1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder (ground turmeric)

1 teaspoon kashmiri red chili powder or 1/2 teaspoon cayenne

1 teaspoon Garam Masala Powder or punjabi garam masala - can

1 teaspoon cumin powder (ground cumin)

1/3-1/2 cup finely chopped onions or 1 medium-sized onion, fin

salt as required

3 cups water

3 tablespoons white butter or 2 tablespoons ghee (clarified butt

1/4 cup low-fat cream or 1 to 2 tablespoons heavy whipping

1/2-1 teaspoon kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves), crushed - o

few coriander leaves for garnishing - optional

some ginger julienne for garnishing - optional


Source : vegrecipesofindia

Soaking lentils and beans
1. Soak both the kidney beans (rajma) and whole black lentils (urad dal) overnight if you are making this in the morning. Rinse the lentils for a couple of times before soaking.
2. If you are making it in the evening
then soak the lentils in the morning.
3. Later discard all the water from the lentils well and then rinse them with fresh water.
4. Add the rinsed lentils in the steel insert pot of the IP.
Making tomato puree
1. Take the chopped tomatoes
chopped ginger and chopped garlic in a blender or mixer jar. Alternatively
you can use 1 cup canned tomato puree and 1 tablespoon ginger-garlic paste and add directly in the pot.
2. Blend till smooth. Keep aside.
Cooking in the instant pot
1. Add all the spices powders - turmeric powder
cumin powder
kashmiri chilli powder and Garam Masala or Punjabi Garam masala. Also
add salt as per taste.
2. Now add the blended tomato
garlic puree and water. You can even add finely chopped 1/3 to 1/2 cup onions at this step.
3. Mix very well.
4. Switch the IP on. Press the pressure cooker switch on high pressure and set the timer to 30 minutes. You can even use the Bean/Chili option of the Instant Pot which has an auto setting of pressure cooking on high pressure for 30 minutes.
5. After the lentils are pressure cooked
wait for 10 or 12 minutes. Then do a quick pressure release (QPR) - lift the valve and remove any steam left.
6. Remove the lid. You will see that that the beans and lentils are cooked well
but the consistency of the curry is slightly watery and broth-like. The end result should be smooth and creamy. So the whole mixture has to be simmered till the consistency thickens a bit and becomes creamy.
7. Note that the lentils have to be softened and cooked well. You should be able to mash both the urad dal and rajma with a spoon if they are cooked completely. If the lentils are undercooked than pressure cook for some more minutes. Add some water if required.
Simmering further
1. Press the saute button for 7 to 8 minutes on normal.
2. Add butter. Stir and mix.
3. With the back of the spoon mash some of the lentils and beans. Stir often. The stirring will also help in mashing a few of the cooked lentils and beans. Mashing the lentils also helps in making the gravy smooth and slightly thickening the consistency.
4. While using the saute option
you can even set it to the low mode for a slow simmer. But keep on stirring often.
5. Once the consistency is thickened
add cream and kasuri methi (dried fenugreek leaves). Mix well. Both these ingredients are optional and you can skip them.
6. Remember the consistency should be neither thick nor thin. If it becomes too thick and then add some water. Also
it will thicken more on cooling.
7. While simmering do stir often so that the lentils do not stick to the bottom of the steel pot.
8. Serve Instant Pot Dal Makhani with Indian Flatbreads like roti
naan bread
tandoori roti or lachha paratha or aloo paratha. You can also serve it with cumin rice or biryani rice. If you like then while serving add drizzle some cream or top with some butter. You can even garnish with coriander leaves (cilantro) and ginger julienne.